April 5, 2011

A Limitless Book

I dreamt a limitless book,
A book unbound,
Its leaves scattered in fantastic abundance
On every line there was a new horizon drawn,
New heavens supposed;
New states, new souls.”
–Clive Barker

Isn't this just what every readers dreams, a limitless book. I know I've had many books I wish could go on forever. Some in particular are: Inkheart, Muddle Earth, Eight Cosins and others. What books do you wish could go on forever?


Margaret Free said...

When I was maybe 12, I read Johnny Tremain. Nuff said right there! I almost wept for sadness when it had to end. Sigh.

There have been others, too, but that was the most memorably resonant.

Emily Grace said...

Oh! That is now one of my favorite quotes. =D Oh, yes, Inkheart is a book that could go on forever. Narnia is also a series I wished would never end. Along with many other books. =)
But then there are the other books that you really want to end asap! =P

Lèrowen said...

Emily Grace - I totally agree. There are those books you love. And those you just want to end so you can move on to a better book.