June 4, 2011

The Beloved Dearly by Doug Cooney

About the book:
Ernie, a twelve year old boy who is always on the look out for a quick buck, and he comes up with some crazy, but smart, ideas. But this idea will top them all, pet funerals. So he grabs Dusty (a decorator of pet funeral boxes), Tony (an expert hole digger), and Swimming Pool (an awesome crier). Dressed in his fathers suit and tie he is ready to make some money, but learns that friends are more important than all the money can buy.

My thoughts:
I loved this book. It was a funny and wonderful read, the characters were awesome and the plot was so cute.

Despite it's hilarity there are some serious notes to this book. Ernie's mother is dead and so he goes through trying to build a relationship with his dad. And Swimming Pools older brother ends up deciding to leave the house. And Swimming Pool secretly watches him struggle to make money.

This is a sweet, cute, fun book that I would recommend.
Page number:192
Genre: children's fiction
Recommended for ages: +10
Bad stuff: Ernie is disrespectful to his dad.
Romance: Nope.
Recommendation: I would give this a four and a half out of five

Any thoughts, questions, or comments on this book? I'd love to hear and answer them.

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