July 22, 2011

Curse of the Spider King {book reveiw}

About the book:
The Spider King's minions are crossing from Allyra to Earth to hunt for seven unsuspecting thirteen-year-olds who are royalty from a foreign world. Stopped once by an ancient curse the dark forces are determined to finish the job. The Seven's only hope for survival is a remnant of exiled Elves intent on restoring their kingdom - but can they be trusted.

Navigating the tangled web of the Spider King, the teens must make a perilous choice: go to Allyra and face an uncertain destiny or remain on Earth and risk the lives of the ones they love.

My thoughts:
Um...I am a huge fan of Wayne Thomas Batson, but this book didn't meet the expectation I had for it.

Some lines in this book:

"I don't understand," said Thomas, feeling like he might have blown a fuse in his brain.
Such as this ↑, look like they came from an amateur writer. I don't really understand where a sentence like this come from amazing authors such as Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper.

The plot line was cool and I did really like the characters. The suspense was okay, the spiders creeped me out! I thought that the tree creatures were unoriginal, being they make me think of ents from Lord of the Rings.

*spoiler alert*
I thought the main element of the books suspense & plot line was very predictable. I don't understand it, the Spider King is the only one who has the power to shut down the portals that connect the Earth with the Elve world, Allyra. And all of the portals shut down except for one in Scotland, and so all the Elves gathered to that one portal and they seem surprised when an ambush is waiting for them from the Spider King. Maybe it's just me, but I found it somewhat predictable
*spoiler alert ends*

So, as you read, I am unhappy about the book. I think if the authors would have read through it a couple times and edited it, it would be much better. Both of the authors are amazing writers, but I think the book needed a little bit more thought.
page number: 361 pages
genre: children fantasy/ fiction
recommended for ages: 12+
bad stuff: There is a little bit of violence
romance: A very small amount
recommendation: I would have to give this a 3 out of 5.

Do you have any questions? What are your thoughts on this book? I'd love to hear and answer them.

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