December 21, 2011

Forget dieing . . . I dare to live

"You can never begin to live until you dare to die." - Unknown {well. . .unknown to me}

They never told you the things you'd do different. They never explained how much it hurt .. . No use living in the past.

I greet the two teen girls. Their bright skinny jeans and skin tight t-shirts beg for attention. But that doesn't define them. Their more than their clothes and boyfriends, even if they don't know it yet. I help them find a game and convince them to take advantage of some ridiculous offer.

I hate my job.

A boy walks in the store and the two girls giggle and look over at him. A boy, a child. Seventeen on the outside, so much younger on the inside. I stop these thoughts with another, I was once the same way. Feeling so grow up and yet never understanding what I fool I was. I looked the fool. I acted the fool. I believed that I was a fool and took pride in it. Pride that I was well liked by teens and thought a fool by adults. I try to forget the fool, but yesterdays loves playing games. Letting my memories disappear and letting smiles dance on my lips. Then poisoning my mind with yesterday.

I ignore the costumers and go on with my job. I go on with my life. I go on. Why? Maybe it's the insane idea that one day I'll be free. Free from regret. Free from the nightmares that haunt my soul.

- excerpt from my current writing project

"One of the saddest things in life is the things one remembers." -Agatha Christie

I dare to forget the past so I can have a future.
I dare to be crazy
I dare to use big and fun words no one understands anymore
I dare to rebel against the myths that society pushes at us
I dare to make a fool of myself by being different
I dare to have fun {it's harder than you think}
Forget dieing . . . I dare to live.

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