February 9, 2011

Four Days

Hello, all my dear readers. I thought I'd warn you, this time, that I will not be on blogger for a few days. I will be gone due to a speech tournament that I will be going to. I've very excited about it and will be back late Saturday night. I promise I will begin posting again on Monday. Look out for a fun new bunch of posts on:
-Bad Guys
-The Hobbit (a book review)
-Redwall (another book review)
-Side character do's and don'ts

So farewell, and I'll be back on Saturday.


Keilah Engstrom said...


Liz said...

Hi Hannah!

I didn't get a chance to say goodbye at the tournament, so I just wanted to say thanks for making it a fun week and it was awesome to get to know you better! Congrats, you fantastic interper!

I totally love your blog and am curious to read your posts on side characters and bad guys. =)

You can find my blog at: http://liz-mindawake.blogspot.com

Have safe travels home and a great week!
~ Liz Patterson

Lèrowen said...

I had so much fun with you too! ☺