September 23, 2011

Epic things

Epic thing #1 - P.G. Wodehouse.
I mean, come on, how more witty and hilarious can his books get? I just finished 'Leave it to Psmith' and I chuckled the whole way through it. Chuckled is a funny word, *cough* moving on.  

Epic thing #2 -  Obscure TV show lines.
Random? yes. But it makes me happy. Go Psych!

Epic thing #3 - Reaching 50 books in the Goodreads 2011 reading challenge.
Yeah! I reached 50! The 50th book being Sinner by Ted Dekker. Which by the way was the best of the three in the series.

Epic thing #4 - Reading Shakespeare aloud.
It might be a nerdy thing, but I have come to except it. It really is awesome. Of course I have come to the conclusion that Shakespeare is meant to be watched not read, it being a play and all.

Epic thing #5 - Reaching 1000 word on my new writing project.
Why am I the only one clapping?

Epic thing #6 - Quotes.
Big surprise right?

Epic thing #7 - We have come to a close on epic things {at least for today}.
What about you? Find anything epic lately?

1 comment:

Georgianna Penn said...

I love these kinds of posts! So much fun. I'd have to say I agree with pretty much all of these except #1, because I haven't read hardly any Wodehouse, and #4 because as much as I've tried, I just can't seem to get into Shakespeare. Oh well, I feel pretty secure in my eccentricness to let that one slip by.