September 20, 2011

just blah {your opinion needed}

It's so  funny the way random paragraphs that just come to you every once and a while. Oddly enough mine are all depressing and...well...random. But since I have had this bit of writing in my folder for longer then I can remember I thought why not share it with someone. That's right, you my readers are the first to view this bit of writing.
  There they were again. Walking the streets as if they believed what they shouted, "We protect the people. We help the people." Those ridicules "uniforms" they wear would be a thing for complete ridicule if the guns they wore weren't so oftenly used. In fact, I think they invent reasons to shot. And I think our so called government approves of it.   
    I sat on the floor looking out of the clear plastic that's meant to be a window. But I'm not fooled. It's not a window, like the so called food we eat is not food. Like the so called life we live, is not living. We are trapped by our own thoughts and the people that encourage them...And the people that encourage them.

First, I know 'oftenly' isn't a word but it fit. I am an artist and must, every one in a while, set aside the rules.

Second, please be painfully honest. Whether this is cheesy, heartwarming, or just blah.


Emily Jacinta said...

I really like it!! I want to find out what happens!

Liz Patterson said...

In a word: intriguing.
This is an awesome bit of writing! Not only is it cleverly and beautifully worded, but it immediately draws the reader in and leaves them wanting to know the story. If these were the opening lines of a book, I would sit down and read the next few hundred pages in one sitting!

Thanks for sharing this, Lerowen. You are a fantastic writer with a truly unique style and it's always a delight to read what you write. =)

~ Liz

Tabitha said...

This is a great shows a lot of different emotions.

There are certain spelling mistakes, but overall, good job.

Random paragraphs are great.

Lèrowen said...

Thank you all! I'm afraid this is a lone paragraph begging for a friend. But my mind is currently on a different writing project. Thank you all again.