September 15, 2011

Very good, Jeeves! {book review}

After watching a couple of NCFCA speeches on some of P.G. Wodehouse's books I couldn't help but find a few and read them myself, and I must say I was very impressed. I did only read one but I make plans to read many more of his.

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing P.G. Wodehouse's book, 'Very Good, Jeeves!'.

About the book:
Very good, Jeeves! is a collection of short stories starring Bertie Wooster in eleven alarming predicaments from which he has to be rescued by peerless gentleman's gentleman. Whether Bertie is tangling with a red-headed ball of fire such as Roberta Wichham, dealing with an irate headmistress, placating a cabinet minister, puncturing the wrong hot water bottle, singing 'Sonny Boy', or simply trying to concentrate on his golf handicap, Jeeves is always there to help through rarely in ways which his employer expects. These brilliantly plotted stories give the essence of Wodehousean comedy.
(taken from the back of Very Good, Jeeves!)

My thoughts:
These funny and amazingly witty stories are forever going to be listed as one of my favorite books. I found this collection a joy and pleasure to read. I will most definitely be going to read more of his. The plot lines are amazing and his characters are even more brilliant. I would take the time to read this all over again. 

page number: 297 pages
genre: A fictional novel of the wittiest sort.
bad stuff: Only about one or two swear words throughout the whole book
romance: Every once and a while.
recommendation: I would give this a five star out of five.


Amanda said...

Love Wodehouse! : ) Sometimes you just need a little comedy in your life. And Wodehouse's wit has given me many a giggle. My favorite of his are the Psmith stories. I've based many characters off of his. : )

Lèrowen said...

Amanda - Isn't he an amazing writer? I'm going to read one his Psmith stories next. Yay!