November 19, 2011

Goodbye NaNoWriMo

I guess there's no more running from what I've decided. I have stopped working on my NaNo novel half way through the 30 days. I can't believe how busy I have been this school year. I knew there was a very big chance of me having to stop half way because of a lot of things I'm working on.

I love my novel and I hope I can continue to write it. Despite me needing to stop half way through I hope all those doing NaNo are doing great and that their novels are going well.

My NaNo novel is on Rapunzel's diary. I'm taking a bit of a twist on the account of the story and I'm really happy with the twists ans turns my novel is taking. What about you? What is your NaNoWriMo novel about?

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Mirriam said...

Awww; I'm sorry to hear you've quit!!! The idea is so neat!
~ Mirriam