November 1, 2011

Warning: Due to NaNoWriMo . . .

Dear blog followers of Eat...Sleep...Write...,

Warning: Due to NaNoWiMo Lèrowen will be oblivious to the real world. So during the month of November her habits will be as such:
- Lack of sleep
- No blog posts
- Forgetting important events
- Obsession with plots and fictional character
- Hibernation in her bedroom

Lèrowen will try to schedule posts as to the best of her ability but I predict those will be few and far between.

After the month of November has passed, Lèrowen with be back to normal. Forgive her foolish endeavors and long blog posts in December on her NaNoWriMo novel.

Thank you,
Lèrowen's personal robot


Meghan said...

One word: ditto. ;) Good luck, my dear blogging friend!! Can't wait to compare stories/NANO experiences when all this craziness is over! LOLOL

Amanda said...

Where can I get my own personal robot? I need one these days. :)