January 10, 2012

New Year Writing Contest {entry}

Yay! A writing contest. How fun! Right? Abigail and Jenny, if you haven't heard already, are hosting a writing contest. Now you only have 200 words of less to describe a first impression. Such a wonderful challenge! And being that I LOVE, with a deep passion writing contests, I entered. And why not, I thought, post it on my blog for all to see. Hm . . . Why not?

My entry in Abigail and Jenny's writing contest

Amy's eyes slowly open and noticed the day was no long present. She sat up and gasped, a ghostly orb was overhead and shining. What could this be? It looked so sad even when surrounded by it's children. Indeed, little silver children beaming and twinkling with happiness. The globe hung as if by an invisible hand. Amy laid back down on the grass and continued to look up, examining this unknown delight. She noticed this circular thing was expelling pale silver sunlight. This watery light played across the grassy field Amy was is. Continuing to look up Amy smiled and declared to the sun that graced the night, "I shall call you the moon".

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Hope said...

Awesome, I know you had no comments, now you do. LOL!! =D