January 19, 2012

Q & A

I've decided to do something I don't normally do on Eat..Sleep...Write. But this week I'll allow people, followers and non followers alike, to ask questions. Questions about writing, about me, maybe about my writing, etc . . . and I will answer them next week, January 29 on my blog. Sound fun? All you have to do is comment on this post with your question. And if I get enough questions I'll do this more than once. So don't be shy and ask that writing question you've always wondered about.

*I reserve the right to not publish and not answer inappropriate or rude questions.* So please keep is clean.

P.S. Is it snowing over there for you, cause it is for me. ☺


Ashley said...

Um....lets seeee....

*1* When did you start writing? and why?

*2* What genre do you wish you could write in that you just can't seem to grasp?

*3* Do you like Hedgehogs? <RANDOM.

*4* What book has helped you most in your writing life?

*5* Do you write with music?

*6* What aggravates you the most while writing? (ex. noise, siblings, ect ect)

*7* do you write on paper then type it into a document?

Until I think of more!

Hope said...

Hey, I know I could just come and ask you at home but what would be the fun in that? I'm not good with questions so anyway.

1.What style of writing do you use? (like 1st person 2nd person ect.)

Lèrowen said...

Go hedgehogs!!!!!