January 5, 2011

4 Reasons to Write

1- Writing can be a great vent for your imagination. It allows you to make a world that you can share with others.

2- Writing can be a way to express yourself, with writing books, poetry, and journal writing.

3-Writing can be a way to inform others of a subject you enjoy, are against, or feel strongly about. Most of writing is inspired on how you view the world and issues, not just what the book is about but how the characters interact with each other, what the characters do, and how the plot goes.

4- And last but not least writing is just so fun. It's an enjoyable pass time that so many others have found.

Why did I start writing? I think for me it was the appeal of just letting my imagination flow that did it.

Why do you write? Is it number two or do you write for a totally different reason all together, I'd love to hear your reasons.


Koda said...

I write for reasons 1, 2 and 4 :D
I love the actual act of writing by hand. I love arranging words and sentences into beautiful sounds and meanings. I love creating people and stories. I write for the same sorts of reasons that I read. I read because I love the feel of the pages in my hands. I love the sounds and pictures and patterns formed by words on a page. I love visiting someone else's heart and meeting all their beautiful friends :D

Cassie said...

I loved this post.

I write for the following reasons:

1) I believe God gave me a gift and I should use it to bring honor and glory to Him.

2) I love it.

3) It allows me to have a creative outlet and enter into the world of my characters for a short time. I always hate coming back into reality.

4) The more I write, the more my writing improves, so I need to write as much as I can.

5) Next month I'm going to start working towards my BA degree in English so I need to write in order to learn.

Love Always,