January 17, 2011

Stay Inspired!

I don't think it's to hard to get inspired. What's hard is to stay inspired. Some days you wake up with the illusion that everything is in place, and then as soon as you get your time on the computer . . .BOOM, inspiration leaves you. 'Why?' you cry out, feeling rejected by your own imagination. This dreaded feeling is called writers block.

But there are things you can do to quicken or forgo this heartbreaking situation:

-Nature. Full of some of God's most amazing creation. Take a step away from your computer and go outside. Take a notepad and write down what ever comes to mind, whether random or sensible.

-Writing Notepad. This is what that notepad is for, writers block. Make sure to keep it going because, if you haven't already, you will encounter writers block.

-Ask. As a famous saying goes, 'Two minds are better than one'. Ask if your mom, dad, friend, or sibling is willing to let you pick his/her brain. Trust me, it helps.

And if all else fails, maybe you just need a break. 'To much of a good thing is a bad thing'. ☺

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