January 3, 2011

DIY: A Writing Notepad

It's midnight, you wake up and have the best idea in the world for a book. But your bed calls you to lay your head down and sleep. And so you sleep, and forget all about your "amazing" idea. Or your great idea appears to you in the mall, store, car, etc. and you have no way of writing it down. How many of you have fallen victim to these situations because of not keeping notepad, and suffering for it.

After many of these situations happening to me I pushed myself and bought a small notepad. And I am all the better for it.

What are the benefits a having a writing notepad. Need I say? Sometimes ideas get foggy and can be mixed up from when you first thought of them. When you write the idea down and find you want to change it, then change it. And you will have no fear of wondering if the first idea was better. Because you have it written down, you can just check.

If you find that notepads that are small are to pricey, make you own. I have one and love it. The plus side of making your own is that is personalized to be very you. ☺

To make one you will need:

-Several pieces of normal white paper

-Needle and thread

-Colored ink pens

-Stickers, buttons, tissue paper, cut outs, etc. (optional)

Step 1: Take the pieces of normal white paper and fold them all in half, the smallest end to smallest end. Flatten the paper out and lightly mark the crease with a pen of pencil. Cut on this mark.

Step 2: Now take these pieces of paper, combine them, and fold then in half (small end to small end). Flatten the paper out and lightly mark the crease with a pen or pencil. (Do not cut paper)

Step 3: Take the thread and push it though the eye of the needle. Then sew up the book on the line you created.

Step 4: To make it more strong you can go over and sew in between the spaces you left off.

Step 5: Open the pages and one by one, using a ruler and a colored pen, line the paper.

That's the end of it for a simple notepad. You can add anything else you want to make it more you.
If you have any comments of questions just comment. ☺


Ellyn said...

Cool and useful post :)
And why is it that ideas always pop into your head just as you close your eyes to sleep? :D

Koda said...

LOL I have soooo many notebooks lying around with scribbles in them... if every idea I came up with was a decent idea and I actually wrote it properly I'd have published something by now... unfortunately too many of my ideas don't seem so great by morning :D