January 7, 2011

How to Make a Good Character

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Tips on how to make a good character:

-Make the character believable, which means not perfect. Give him or her faults, hopes, dreams and wishes.

-Don't be afraid to hurt your character. I know this sounds mean, but if your main character had no problems or worries that would be really boring. Give him/her a trial, an important decision, or a accident.

-Layer your character. Make him/her interesting and complex.

-Base your character off someone you know. ☺ Now this is one method I've been using for a couple years now. The benefit being, that by basing a character off a real person, you can make him/her very believable. (Remember to respect peoples privacy if they don't want you to write about them.)

Look out for part 2 on characters.


Ellyn said...

Hurting your character is SOSOSOSO important! ^_^

{Libby} said...

(I love that picture... my mouth is still open with awe at it. Stunning)

Yep - putting your character through sufferings is really the best thing you can do. I once read something about why the Harry Potter books are so famous; and the author said that she thinks so, because she made Harry have to go through so many trials and mistakes and, in blunt, horrible nightmares that made readers feel sympathy and emotions for him (if only there wasn’t so much witch craft – then I would recommended them all the time). Anyhow, great post girl, looking forward to the next.

Lèrowen said...

I'm afraid I didn't take that picture. I'll have to remember to put that it's not my photo next time.

Koda said...

I've been reading a book called Writing Fiction for Dummies :D

I found two things really really cool in their advice on characters: (1) give them character traits that conflict with each other. Don't we all have that? and it makes every situation interesting because every move is a decision to prioritize one of their traits over another. (2) Give them something that they want. Once you've decided what stands between them and what they want you have an instant story :D

Margaret Rowena said...

This may sound a bit violent, but I love afflicting my characters...it makes the story much more interesting. :)

(Wow, that did sound heartless...I am not this mean in real life...at least I hope not. XD)