March 3, 2011

Bad Guys

What would a story be without bad guys? Well, kind of boring. (Although there are some very good story that wouldn't have worked with a bad guy).

Funny enough the bad guys are some of my favorite characters, as long as they are well written. There are many different kinds of bad guys I have found, (from both books I've read and movies I've watched), some of them are:

Power hunger bad guys: Such as Opal from the 'Artemis Fowl' series (a series I will be reviewing). This kind of bad guy is a character that becomes obsessed over power.

No mercy bad guys: Such as Culney the Rat (from Redwall, a wonderful series) or Capricorn from Inkheart. Bad guys who give no mercy and have no hearts.

Annoying bad guys: Everyone has there own 'annoying bad guys' list, and each one is completely different. In my 'annoying bad guy' category is, The Sheriff of Nottingham (from the BBC TV version of Robin Hood) is one of many I have in this category.

Oddball bad guys: I reserved this category for more kid character bad guys, such as the Red Queen (from Alice in Wonderland) and Cinderella's ugly step-mother. A (normally) jealous character that would not bring his/herself to kill, but makes everyone else miserable.

Secret bad guys: Now these bad guys are ones you don't know are bad guys at first. But, of course, their true nature becomes known in the end. I won't give any examples for this category, I would hate to ruin a book someone was planning on reading. ☺

Now a bad guy doesn't have to be in only one of these categories, in fact many are in more than one.

What are some of your favorite bad guys?

Part 2 on bad guys will be coming soon.


Liz said...

This was a fun post!
I think my favorite bad guy has got to be Captain Hook! His obsession with "good form" made him such an awesome villain. I guess he'd fall under the "oddball" category.
Hhmmm... I haven't read Artemis Fowl yet but have heard they're really fun and interesting books. I'll have to give them a try. Did you like them?

~ Liz

Lèrowen said...

I thought they were pretty good. One of the book has to do with demons, and I didn't really like that one. I thought it went against what God said was bad (demons)and made them just like people. But other than that it was a really good series.

Liz, are you going to the Seattle tournie? I am and it would be so fun to see you there.

Hannah said...

Some of my favorites are the dumb accomplices of the smart bad guys. I'm not sure what category they fall in, but they're usually in like cartoons and stuff. The smart guy is always skinny, sly, and uses his brain; and the dumb guy is always fat and ruins his partner's plans - and doesn't get what they're out to do. It always ends in some form of hilarity or another. :D

Liz said...

Cool, I'll have to check it out.
Yeah, I'm reading a series called The Mortal Instruments right now that is about 'demon hunters' and it sometimes is a little like "wait a minute... that doesn't seem right". But it is just fiction. I'll have to give the Artemis Fowl books a try!

Yes, I'm going to Emerald City and I'm so excited!! I was going to go to Puget Sound but I got really sick and had to withdraw from the tournament. But yeah, I'm super stoked to see everyone again and compete again! I'm so glad you're going too! I'll see ya there! :)

Off to work on speeches,
~ Liz

Lèrowen said...

Hannah- Well, there a lot more categories than the ones I just mentioned. I do think those 'dumb guys' are so funny! I'll have to do a post on them. ☺

Liz- I'm so sorry you got sick. I couldn't go becasue this was my first year and my mom said I had to pick the Puget Sound or Emerald City. I can't wait to see you there.

Emily Grace said...

Great post!

Don't forget the 'seemingly' bad guys. (the ones that make you think they're bad in the beginning, but really they're just misunderstood, confused, or being used) =)

My favorites? hmm, Dustfinger from Inkheart(he's a seemingly bad guy), Mrs. Olsen/Nellie Olsen from Little House on the prairie(they're both oddball bad gals), the magician-sorry, forgot his name for the moment--from the Magicians Nephew(he's an oddball bad guy), and that's all my tired brain is coming up with tonight. ;)