March 21, 2011


Hello, everybody. I would like you to meet, Rowen. She is the main character in my fantasy story. My dear character is a short tempered 17 year old human. But she does have a big heart for those in need. She loves the outdoors and has a pet hedgehog.

Thank you to:
- My sister Rebekah for taking the photo's.

- My friend Libby for giving me the cape for my birthday. And guess what, you can get one too, she sells them here.

So have you ever dressed up as a character? I would love to hear about it!


Liz said...

This is so fun! I love the cape!
And yes, my friend and I once dressed up as our characters and acted out scenes from a story we were working on together... It's so fun, isn't it?
(of course my character was a guy, so that made it kind of interesting... =P)

See you in a couple days! I have to get back to rehearsing speeches...

~ Liz

Emily Grace said...

That is so awesome, Lèrowen! What a fun idea. =D

{Libby} said...

Love it. Great job on it!