March 26, 2011

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Update: Hello, my blog followers. I'm quiet sure I am having a fun time but am very tired, and I can't wait to be home tomorrow.

I realized that I had only reviewed three books. *gasp* Being a huge reader I think I need to being doing these reviews more often.

Today I bring you the book review of Savvy, a sweet book about a family who have unique...savvys. ☺

About the book:
In the Beaumont's house thirteen is a very special year. Thirteen is the year that Beaumont children find there savvy. With a brother who can create a hurricane. And another that can summon electricity, Mib's is eager for her thirteenth birthday.

But just before the big day, Mib's father gets in to a car accident. Convinced she can help him, along with her brother and the preachers kids, she sneaks onto a bus that is supposed to be going to the hospital. This book is full of talking tattoo's, pink bibles and really cool savvys.

My thoughts:
I thought that the plot was very unique. You always hear of super heroes with super powers. But a savvy isn't a super power, it's something that make all of the Beaumont's unique. I thought the characters were fun and in depth. I really liked the main character, which is important in a story, and it has a sweet ending.

Recommended for ages: 10+
Bad stuff?: None.
Romance: Two kisses.
Recommendation: I would give this a five out of five. I would definitely recommend this book.
Any questions, thoughts, or comments. I would love to hear and answer them.

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{Libby} said...

I found this at the library on Monday and checked it out - can't wait to read it!