August 25, 2011

Can she make it?

She's an aspiring novelist. Doesn't know if she can make it, but is willing to let herself go to get it done. Has so many other things that need to be finished. Will she succeed?

This describes both myself and my main character in my still untitled book. 650 words into it, 1 chapter finished, and I'm looking to see how it's all going to turn out.

My excitement for my writing is still at a high. Some of the things I'm most excited about is:
- I'm writing it in first person. (I've always wanted to do that)
- I'm approaching it with a little bit more of a poetic tone.
- I just got off some awful writers block.

But can I make? Those words can not help but creep into my soul. So I guess, like a story, we will have to wait for the ending. And like a story, I want to know how it ends but I still want it to go on forever.


Amanda said...

Now I know why I liked your excerpt so much. It's in first person.
I believe that first person can be so much more emotionally engaging to the reader. And I love to use it.

Isn't it funny how you hate to finish writing a book? I think that's probably a good hint that readers will hate to finish reading your stuff. : )

Meghan said...

Ah I know how you feel! Especially with finishing a book...I actually overhauled the Epilogue early because I knew I could. not. do. it. when I came to it with every other chapter overhauled AND edited. So now I have...eight or nine chapters left to overhaul and eleven to edit. Its fun! I will hate to leave it.