August 16, 2011

Lack of Enthusiasm

Writing, like any hobby or job, comes with it's own list of woes. While writing block is one of them, there are others. One I have recently discovered is lack of enthusiasm.

While it is easy to start off a writing project with the idea fresh in your mind. Your resolve to finish a project decreases as time goes on.

At the moment my enthusiasm for my current project can compare to a golden retrievers enthusiasm for a game. It's really high right now. But I have started out this way before but all of those project have fallen to crumble.

What did I do wrong?

I question I have often begged the sentences staring back at me. But as I've thought more about it, the answer became more and more clear. For me, it was how I edited my writing. I would edit as I wrote, and as I kept coming back to the same sentences and paragraphs time and time again my enthusiasm for finishing dwindled. The discouragement of bad writing kept me from going anywhere.

But I have edited my ways instead of my writing. I'm one of those people that need to simply write the book then edit it.

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Meghan said...


I hear you! Its so easy to get down on yourself when you edit as you write sometimes...I know! When you *go back* and edit (note emphasis), you'll have moments of, "Where was my mind when I wrote this?" but give yourself grace! We're still "evolving" (not sure if that's the right word...but best I could come up with) into writers, and every author does many edits on their works.

Keep on writing!! (And post something about your current story SOON! I will miss hearing about it since the 15 day challenge is over!)