August 11, 2011

Day 11 {female author}

This post is day 11 of 15. Can you believe it? We only have 4 more days to go. And remember it's never to late to start the 15 day challenge, whether you start from the beginning and go all the way through or start with day 11.

Day 11 - Your favorite female author

Yay! I'm really excited for this question, despite how hard it will be to chose. Hm. . . There are so many good female authors out there. Okay, I think I know my two favorite (I can't pick one ☺).

My two favorites are Agatha Christie and Jane Austen.

Both of these authors have amazing writing style, characters, plots, and consistently good books.


If I ever wanted to be like a certain author it would either be Agatha Christie with her mind twisting plots or Jane Austen with her unforgettable characters. Both of these authors know what it means to write good books that stand the test of time.

And what about you? What is your favorite female author?

1 comment:

Dia said...

I would have to go with Anne Rice and Mary Shelly, though I do like Philippa Gregory a lot, there are things about her that I cannot overlook.