August 31, 2011

DIY: book box

You will need:
- A book with good binding
- A ruler
- A pocket knife or box cutter
- A pair of scissors
- A pen

Step 1 :
Decide how big you want you book compartment to be.

Step 2 :
Trace a line so you know where to cut.

Step 3 :
Cut on the line all the way around.

Use the scissors in the arrears the knife does not happen to cut through.

Repeat set 3 until your box is to the desired depth. This project takes time and patience but is well worth the effort. Good luck on your book boxes.

P.S. Don't throw away your cut away pages. There are so many uses for them. Watch out for another DIY on how you can use them.


Liz Patterson said...

This is such a cool idea! I totally want to go do it! Thanks for creating this DIY! The only hard part though is finding a book I'm willing to murder...

~ Liz

Jenny Freitag said...

This is very creative, but I feel compelled to ask...why would one do that to a book?

Lèrowen said...

The book I used was Eragon, a book I'm not the biggest fan of. So I was okay.

shieldmaidenthoughts said...

Apparently you didn't like Eragon, eh? This idea is very cool =D
~ Mirriam

Keilah said...

AWESOME! I so want to do that! (and hide secret things in it!) Yipeeee! Thanks for this!

Lily said...

I do not much like the idea of doing this to a book, but perhaps if it were one's secondary copy...