October 19, 2011

A bit of a shocker

13 days before NaNoWriMo starts.

If you're like me, this came as a grave shock. Because you had no idea, or you just forget, when NaNoWriMo was. I was planning on writing a little blogger mini series on things you can do to get ready for NaNoWriMo. Well . . . I guess I won't be doing that.

If you're not like me, and have been planing what your doing for NaNoWriMo of weeks, if not months. I applaud you.

*claps hands*

How in the world did you remember?

Well, this is only a short post. I must get ready for the long day of school and speech ahead. I just wanted to warn all those like me that NaNoWriMo is in 13 days.


Meghan said...

Oh gosh...that means I have 12 days to finish my novel!

Amanda said...

Wow, I do have my story planned but there are a lot of outlining details I need to work out. I had no idea I only had 13 days left. :/ :)

Jessica said...

I know the fact that it is coming up hit me like a shock wave yesterday... WHAT!!! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!

By this time last year I was prepped, had an outline, my character named etc...I WAS PUMPED AND READY...this year I am scrambling...

Tabitha said...

Oh my word! It seems like it was just yesterday! WOW! I am not prepared at all! THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! lol Now, I must get on with coming up with a story idea! I am excited but I am completely unprepared!

Kyrie said...

Had hoped to get to enter NaNoWriMo this year, but won't get to. I've never done it, but read a little about it on others' blogs, and it sounds just like something I'd LOVE to do! Maybe next year you can do an advice series! I hope to do it next year, and that sounds like something that would be so helpful.

Soli Deo Gloria!