October 6, 2011

DIY: Word Magnets

Yay! Something to make with the hundreds of pages I cut out of Eragon to make my book box. Today I will be explain how to make word magnets. You know, the ones that cost like a ton of money in the stores and are so much funnier to make.

Added bonus: They make great Christmas presents! And Christmas is in less than three months, scary.

First you will need:

- pages, newspaper, or other things with bigger words on them.
- scissors
- magnet sheets {you can get these at your local craft store. Or if you are really lucky, like me, you can find them at the dollar store.}

Cut out the words or sentences you want as magnets.

Cut out a piece of the magnet that is only a little bit bigger than the word or sentence.

Peel off the back and stick the word or sentence on the magnets sticky side.

Cut the excess off. And there you have it, a beautiful word magnet.

So there ends the DIY on word magnets. If anything doesn't make sense or if you just have a question please comment. Oh, I don't mind comments on how awesome this post was either. So if  *cough* anyone whats to, I love comments. ☺

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Jessica said...

This looks really cool! I might have to try making them!