October 22, 2011

Don't you just love Agatha Christie

A couple of days ago I got an Agatha Christie book for the library. Today I started it, and unlike other times, I flipped to the beginning and read the dedication. You gotta love her, it said this:

"To all those who lead monotonous lives. In hope that they may experience, at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure."

Don't you just love Agatha Christie. You gotta just sit and smile. "Top all those who lead monotonous lives", how awesome and descriptive of a lot of people. And let me assure you, Agatha Christie knows how to write in such a way as to immerse you in her story and and indeed show you  "the delights and dangers of adventure".

Now it isn't just dedications that make Agatha Christie worthy of note. It's her wonderful, creative, and unbelievable writing. Though she has had a couple hit and misses, like her book 'Elephants can Remember', she has also written some classics.

Some particular favorites of mine are 'And Then There Were None', 'Murder on the Orient Express', and 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd'.


What about you. Any Agatha Christie favorites?


Marian said...

I remember really liking Three Act Tragedy, and pretty much all the books with Ariadne Oliver. :) Her writing is certainly page-turning...I think I would get two or three of her books from the library and finish them in days!

Amanda said...

Love that quote. :)I think its great when authors start off a book with witty dedications instead of the average boring ones. :)

Celtic Traveler said...

I absolutely ADORE Agatha Christie. She always has action, mystery, romance and comedy all in one book. My favorites are Thirteen at Dinner and Murder at the Vicarage. (Brilliant!)